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Interface Summary
Broker The Message Broker which routes messages, maintains subscriptions and connections, acknowlegdges messages and handles transactions.
BrokerAdmin Provides a admin view to a broker.
BrokerClient A Broker side proxy representing mostly outbound JMS Connnection
BrokerConnector The Broker is the client side interface to the JMS server
BrokerContainer The ActiveMQ JMS Broker Container which contains a Broker and one or more instances talking over some org.activemq.transport.TransportChannel

Note that once a broker container has been stopped it should be discarded and a new service instance created again.

BrokerContainerFactory A Factory of BrokerContainer objects
ConsumerInfoListener A listener for ConsumerInfo packets

Class Summary
BrokerClientStub A mock dispatcher for testing
BrokerContext A cache of all the brokers and broker connectors in use which is usually used in a singleton way but could be used in an IoC style manner.