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Package org.activemq.filter

Interface Summary
BooleanExpression A BooleanExpression is an expression that always produces a Boolean result.
Expression Represents an expression
Filter Represents a subscription filter
FilterFactory A factory of subscription Filter objects
MultiExpressionEvaluator.ExpressionListener Objects that are interested in the results of an expression should implement this interface.

Class Summary
AndFilter Represents a logical AND operation on two filters
ArithmeticExpression An expression which performs an operation on two expression values
BinaryExpression An expression which performs an operation on two expression values.
ComparisonExpression A filter performing a comparison of two objects
CompositeDestinationFilter A DestinationFilter used for composite destinations
ConstantExpression Represents a constant expression
DestinationFilter Represents a filter which only operates on Destinations
DestinationMap A Map-like data structure allowing values to be indexed by org.activemq.message.ActiveMQDestination and retrieved by destination - supporting both * and > style of wildcard as well as composite destinations.
DestinationMapNode An implementation class used to implement DestinationMap
DestinationPath Helper class for decomposing a Destination into a number of paths
ExpressionFilter Represents a filter using an expression
FilterFactoryImpl A default implementation
LogicExpression A filter performing a comparison of two objects
MultiExpressionEvaluator A MultiExpressionEvaluator is used to evaluate multiple expressions in single method call.
MultiExpressionEvaluator.ExpressionListenerSet Multiple listeners my be interested in the results of a single expression.
MultiExpressionEvaluatorTest Test cases for the MultiExpressionEvaluator class.
NoLocalFilter Checks that messages are not filtered by NoLocal
NotFilter Represents a logical not operation on another filter
OrFilter Represents a logical OR operation on two filters
PrefixDestinationFilter Matches messages which match a prefix like "A.B.>"
PropertyExpression Represents a property expression
SimpleDestinationFilter Matches messages sent to an exact destination
UnaryExpression An expression which performs an operation on two expression values
WildcardDestinationFilter Matches messages which contain wildcards like "A.B.*.*"
XPathExpression Used to evaluate an XPath Expression in a JMS selector.
XQueryExpression Used to evaluate an XQuery Expression in a JMS selector.