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org.activemq.filter: Javadoc index of package org.activemq.filter.

Package Samples:



MultiExpressionEvaluator: A MultiExpressionEvaluator is used to evaluate multiple expressions in single method call. Multiple Expression/ExpressionListener pairs can be added to a MultiExpressionEvaluator object. When the MultiExpressionEvaluator object is evaluated, all the registed Expressions are evaluated and then the associated ExpressionListener is invoked to inform it of the evaluation result. By evaluating multiple expressions at one time, some optimizations can be made to reduce the number of computations normally required to evaluate all the expressions. When this class adds an Expression it wrapps each node in ...
DestinationMap: A Map-like data structure allowing values to be indexed by org.activemq.message.ActiveMQDestination and retrieved by destination - supporting both * and > style of wildcard as well as composite destinations. This class assumes that the index changes rarely but that fast lookup into the index is required. So this class maintains a pre-calculated index for destination steps. So looking up the values for "TEST.*" or "*.TEST" will be pretty fast. Looking up of a value could return a single value or a List of matching values if a wildcard or composite destination is used.
DestinationMapNode: An implementation class used to implement DestinationMap
CompositeDestinationFilter: A DestinationFilter used for composite destinations
BooleanExpression: A BooleanExpression is an expression that always produces a Boolean result.
BinaryExpression: An expression which performs an operation on two expression values.
ArithmeticExpression: An expression which performs an operation on two expression values
UnaryExpression: An expression which performs an operation on two expression values
DestinationPath: Helper class for decomposing a Destination into a number of paths
XQueryExpression: Used to evaluate an XQuery Expression in a JMS selector.
DestinationFilter: Represents a filter which only operates on Destinations
WildcardDestinationFilter: Matches messages which contain wildcards like "A.B.*.*"
XPathExpression: Used to evaluate an XPath Expression in a JMS selector.
NotFilter: Represents a logical not operation on another filter
PrefixDestinationFilter: Matches messages which match a prefix like "A.B.>"
MultiExpressionEvaluatorTest: Test cases for the MultiExpressionEvaluator class.
AndFilter: Represents a logical AND operation on two filters
NoLocalFilter: Checks that messages are not filtered by NoLocal
OrFilter: Represents a logical OR operation on two filters
ComparisonExpression: A filter performing a comparison of two objects
LogicExpression: A filter performing a comparison of two objects
SimpleDestinationFilter: Matches messages sent to an exact destination

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