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org.activemq.gbean: Javadoc index of package org.activemq.gbean.

Package Samples: The JMS container using GBeaps for deployment in Geronimo or other JSR 77/88 based containers  


ActiveMQBroker: The mangement interface for the ActiveMQ broker GBean. This is separate from ActiveMQContainer because that interface has hard links to code in activemq-core, yet we still want to be able to distinguish ActiveMQ brokers from non-ActiveMQ JMS brokers.
ActiveMQManager: The GBean interface for the ActiveMQ management GBean. This defines the features that should be available to the management interface at runtime.
ActiveMQManagerGBean: Implementation of the ActiveMQ management interface. These are the ActiveMQ mangement features available at runtime.
ActiveMQContainer: An interface to the ActiveMQContainerGBean for use by the ActiveMQConnectorGBean.
ConnectorTest: Tests to ensure that URL parsing and updating doesn't blow up
ActiveMQConnector: The GBean interface for the ActiveMQ network connector GBean
ActiveMQContainerGBean: Default implementation of the ActiveMQ Message Server
ActiveMQConnectorGBean: Default implementation of the ActiveMQ connector

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