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Class ActiveMQTopic  view ActiveMQTopic download

  extended byorg.activemq.jndi.JNDIBaseStorable
      extended byorg.activemq.message.ActiveMQDestination
          extended byorg.activemq.message.ActiveMQTopic
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.lang.Comparable, javax.jms.Destination, org.activemq.jndi.JNDIStorableInterface, javax.naming.Referenceable,, javax.jms.Topic
Direct Known Subclasses:

public class ActiveMQTopic
extends ActiveMQDestination
implements javax.jms.Topic

A Topic object encapsulates a provider-specific topic name. It is the way a client specifies the identity of a topic to JMS API methods. For those methods that use a Destination as a parameter, a Topic object may used as an argument . For example, a Topic can be used to create a MessageConsumer and a MessageProducer by calling:

Many publish/subscribe (pub/sub) providers group topics into hierarchies and provide various options for subscribing to parts of the hierarchy. The JMS API places no restriction on what a Topic object represents. It may be a leaf in a topic hierarchy, or it may be a larger part of the hierarchy.

The organization of topics and the granularity of subscriptions to them is an important part of a pub/sub application's architecture. The JMS API does not specify a policy for how this should be done. If an application takes advantage of a provider-specific topic-grouping mechanism, it should document this. If the application is installed using a different provider, it is the job of the administrator to construct an equivalent topic architecture and create equivalent Topic objects.

Field Summary
private static long serialVersionUID
Fields inherited from class org.activemq.message.ActiveMQDestination
Fields inherited from class org.activemq.jndi.JNDIBaseStorable
Constructor Summary
          Default constructor for an ActiveMQTopic Destination
ActiveMQTopic(java.lang.String name)
          Construct a named ActiveMQTopic Destination
Method Summary
protected  javax.jms.Destination createDestination(java.lang.String name)
          Factory method to create a child destination if this destination is a composite
protected createDestinationStats()
          Factory method to create a statistics counter object
 int getDestinationType()
 java.lang.String getTopicName()
          Gets the name of this Topic.
Methods inherited from class org.activemq.message.ActiveMQDestination
buildFromProperties, compareTo, compareTo, createDestination, createTemporaryName, decrementConsumerCounter, delete, equals, getChildDestinations, getClientId, getDestinationBeingAdvised, getDestinationFilter, getDestinationPaths, getOrderedTarget, getPhysicalName, getSessionCreatedBy, getStats, getTopicForConsumerAdvisory, getTopicForProducerAdvisory, getTopicForTempAdvisory, hashCode, incrementConsumerCounter, inspect, isAdvisory, isComposite, isConnectionAdvisory, isConsumerAdvisory, isDeleted, isExclusive, isOrdered, isProducerAdvisory, isQueue, isTempDestinationAdvisory, isTemporary, isTopic, isWildcard, matches, populateProperties, readFromStream, setAdvisory, setChildDestinations, setDeleted, setExclusive, setOrdered, setOrderedTarget, setPhysicalName, setSessionCreatedBy, setStats, toString, transformDestination, writeToStream
Methods inherited from class org.activemq.jndi.JNDIBaseStorable
getProperties, getReference, setProperties
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clone, finalize, getClass, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait
Methods inherited from interface javax.jms.Topic

Field Detail


private static final long serialVersionUID
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Constructor Detail


public ActiveMQTopic()
Default constructor for an ActiveMQTopic Destination


public ActiveMQTopic(java.lang.String name)
Construct a named ActiveMQTopic Destination

Method Detail


public java.lang.String getTopicName()
Gets the name of this Topic.

Clients that depend upon the name are not portable.

Specified by:
getTopicName in interface javax.jms.Topic


public int getDestinationType()
Specified by:
getDestinationType in class ActiveMQDestination


protected javax.jms.Destination createDestination(java.lang.String name)
Description copied from class: ActiveMQDestination
Factory method to create a child destination if this destination is a composite

Specified by:
createDestination in class ActiveMQDestination


protected createDestinationStats()
Description copied from class: ActiveMQDestination
Factory method to create a statistics counter object

Specified by:
createDestinationStats in class ActiveMQDestination