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BlobDownloadStrategy   Represents a strategy of downloading a file/stream from some remote  code | html
BlobUploadStrategy   Represents a strategy of uploading a file/stream to some remote  code | html


BlobDownloader   Mediator for Blob Download  code | html
BlobTransferPolicy   The policy for configuring how BLOBs (Binary Large OBjects) are transferred out of band between producers, brokers and consumers.  code | html
BlobUploader   A helper class to represent a required upload of a BLOB to some remote URL  code | html
DefaultBlobDownloadStrategy   A default implementation of BlobDownloadStrategy which uses the URL class to download files or streams from a remote URL  code | html
DefaultBlobUploadStrategy   A default implementation of BlobUploadStrategy which uses the URL class to upload files or streams to a remote URL  code | html
FTPBlobDownloadStrategy   A FTP implementation for BlobDownloadStrategy code | html
FTPBlobUploadStrategy   A FTP implementation of BlobUploadStrategy code | html