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public interface: DeadLetterStrategy [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    AbstractDeadLetterStrategy, IndividualDeadLetterStrategy, SharedDeadLetterStrategy

A strategy for choosing which destination is used for dead letter queue messages.
Method from Summary:
getDeadLetterQueueFor,   isProcessExpired,   isProcessNonPersistent,   isSendToDeadLetterQueue,   setProcessExpired,   setProcessNonPersistent
Method from Detail:
 public ActiveMQDestination getDeadLetterQueueFor(ActiveMQDestination originalDestination)
    Returns the dead letter queue for the given destination.
 public boolean isProcessExpired()
 public boolean isProcessNonPersistent()
 public boolean isSendToDeadLetterQueue(Message message)
    Allow pluggable strategy for deciding if message should be sent to a dead letter queue for example, you might not want to ignore expired or non-persistent messages
 public  void setProcessExpired(boolean processExpired)
 public  void setProcessNonPersistent(boolean processNonPersistent)