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public class: PolicyMap [javadoc | source]
Represents a destination based configuration of policies so that individual destinations or wildcard hierarchies of destinations can be configured using different policies.
Fields inherited from org.apache.activemq.filter.DestinationMap:
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getDefaultEntry,   getEntryClass,   getEntryFor,   setDefaultEntry,   setPolicyEntries
Methods from org.apache.activemq.filter.DestinationMap:
chooseValue,   findWildcardMatches,   get,   getEntryClass,   getQueueRootChildCount,   getQueueRootNode,   getRootNode,   getTopicRootChildCount,   getTopicRootNode,   put,   remove,   removeAll,   setEntries
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Method from Detail:
 public PolicyEntry getDefaultEntry() 
 protected Class getEntryClass() 
 public PolicyEntry getEntryFor(ActiveMQDestination destination) 
 public  void setDefaultEntry(PolicyEntry defaultEntry) 
 public  void setPolicyEntries(List entries) 
    Sets the individual entries on the policy map