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public interface: SubscriptionRecoveryPolicy [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

All Known Implementing Classes:
    FixedCountSubscriptionRecoveryPolicy, LastImageSubscriptionRecoveryPolicy, NoSubscriptionRecoveryPolicy, TimedSubscriptionRecoveryPolicy, FixedSizedSubscriptionRecoveryPolicy, QueryBasedSubscriptionRecoveryPolicy

Abstraction to allow different recovery policies to be plugged into the region implementations. This is used by a topic to retroactively recover messages that the subscription missed.
Method from Summary:
add,   browse,   copy,   recover
Method from Detail:
 public boolean add(ConnectionContext context,
    MessageReference message) throws Exception
    A message was sent to the destination.
 public Message[] browse(ActiveMQDestination dest) throws Exception
 public SubscriptionRecoveryPolicy copy()
    Used to copy the policy object.
 public  void recover(ConnectionContext context,
    Topic topic,
    SubscriptionRecovery sub) throws Exception
    Let a subscription recover message held by the policy.