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ActiveMQMessage.PropertySetter     code | html
Command   The Command Pattern so that we can send and receive commands on the different transports  code | html
CommandTypes   Holds the command id constants used by the command objects.  code | html
DataStructure     code | html
Endpoint   Represents the logical endpoint where commands come from or are sent to.  code | html
MarshallAware   Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

ActiveMQDestination     code | html
ActiveMQTempDestination     code | html
BaseCommand     code | html
Message   Represents an ActiveMQ message  code | html
TransactionId     code | html


ActiveMQBlobMessage   An implementation of BlobMessage for out of band BLOB transfer  code | html
ActiveMQBytesMessage   A BytesMessage object is used to send a message containing a stream of uninterpreted bytes.  code | html
ActiveMQMapMessage   A MapMessage object is used to send a set of name-value pairs.  code | html
ActiveMQMessage     code | html
ActiveMQObjectMessage   An ObjectMessage object is used to send a message that contains a serializable object in the Java programming language ("Java object").  code | html
ActiveMQQueue     code | html
ActiveMQStreamMessage   A StreamMessage object is used to send a stream of primitive types in the Java programming language.  code | html
ActiveMQTempQueue     code | html
ActiveMQTempTopic     code | html
ActiveMQTextMessage     code | html
ActiveMQTopic     code | html
BaseEndpoint   A default endpoint.  code | html
BrokerId     code | html
BrokerInfo   When a client connects to a broker, the broker send the client a BrokerInfo so that the client knows which broker node he's talking to and also any peers that the node has in his cluster.  code | html
ConnectionControl   Used to start and stop transports as well as terminating clients.  code | html
ConnectionError     code | html
ConnectionId     code | html
ConnectionInfo     code | html
ConsumerControl   Used to start and stop transports as well as terminating clients.  code | html
ConsumerId     code | html
ConsumerInfo     code | html
ControlCommand   Used to start and stop transports as well as terminating clients.  code | html
DataArrayResponse     code | html
DataResponse     code | html
DestinationInfo   Used to create and destroy destinations on the broker.  code | html
DiscoveryEvent   Represents a discovery event containing the details of the service  code | html
ExceptionResponse     code | html
FlushCommand   An indication to the transport layer that a flush is required.  code | html
IntegerResponse     code | html
JournalQueueAck     code | html
JournalTopicAck     code | html
JournalTrace     code | html
JournalTransaction     code | html
KeepAliveInfo     code | html
LastPartialCommand   Represents the end marker of a stream of PartialCommand instances.  code | html
LocalTransactionId     code | html
MessageAck     code | html
MessageDispatch     code | html
MessageDispatchNotification     code | html
MessageId     code | html
MessagePull   Used to pull messages on demand.  code | html
NetworkBridgeFilter     code | html
PartialCommand   Represents a partial command; a large command that has been split up into pieces.  code | html
ProducerAck   A ProducerAck command is sent by a broker to a producer to let it know it has received and processed messages that it has produced.  code | html
ProducerId     code | html
ProducerInfo     code | html
RemoveInfo   Removes a consumer, producer, session or connection.  code | html
RemoveSubscriptionInfo     code | html
ReplayCommand   A general purpose replay command for some kind of producer where ranges of messages are asked to be replayed.  code | html
Response     code | html
SessionId     code | html
SessionInfo     code | html
ShutdownInfo     code | html
SubscriptionInfo   Used to represent a durable subscription.  code | html
TransactionInfo     code | html
WireFormatInfo     code | html
XATransactionId     code | html