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Abstract Classes:

CertificateLoginModule   A LoginModule that allows for authentication based on SSL certificates.  code | html


CertificateCallback   A Callback for SSL certificates.  code | html
GroupPrincipal     code | html
JaasCertificateCallbackHandler   A Standard JAAS callback handler for SSL certificate requests.  code | html
JassCredentialCallbackHandler   A JASS username password CallbackHandler.  code | html
LDAPLoginModule     code | html
LDAPLoginProperty   Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements.  code | html
PropertiesLoginModule     code | html
TextFileCertificateLoginModule   A LoginModule allowing for SSL certificate based authentication based on Distinguished Names (DN) stored in text files.  code | html
UserPrincipal     code | html