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DNSListener   DNSListener.  code | html
ServiceListener   Listener for service updates.  code | html
ServiceTypeListener   Listener for service types.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

DNSRecord   DNS record  code | html


DNSCache   A table of DNS entries.  code | html
DNSCache.CacheNode   Cache nodes are used to implement storage of multiple DNSEntry's of the same name in the cache.  code | html
DNSConstants   DNS constants.  code | html
DNSEntry   DNS entry with a name, type, and class.  code | html
DNSIncoming   Parse an incoming DNS message into its components.  code | html
DNSOutgoing   An outgoing DNS message.  code | html
DNSQuestion   A DNS question.  code | html
DNSRecord.Address   Address record.  code | html
DNSRecord.Pointer   Pointer record.  code | html
DNSRecord.Service   Service record.  code | html
DNSRecord.Text     code | html
DNSState   DNSState defines the possible states for services registered with JmDNS.  code | html
HostInfo   HostInfo information on the local host to be able to cope with change of addresses.  code | html
JmDNS   mDNS implementation in Java.  code | html
JmDNS.Announcer   The Announcer sends an accumulated query of all announces, and advances the state of all serviceInfos, for which it has sent an announce.  code | html
JmDNS.Canceler   The Canceler sends two announces with TTL=0 for the specified services.  code | html
JmDNS.Prober   The Prober sends three consecutive probes for all service infos that needs probing as well as for the host name.  code | html
JmDNS.RecordReaper   Periodicaly removes expired entries from the cache.  code | html
JmDNS.Renewer   The Renewer is there to send renewal announcment when the record expire for ours infos.  code | html
JmDNS.Responder   The Responder sends a single answer for the specified service infos and for the host name.  code | html
JmDNS.ServiceCollector   Instances of ServiceCollector are used internally to speed up the performance of method list(type) code | html
JmDNS.ServiceInfoResolver   The ServiceInfoResolver queries up to three times consecutively for a service info, and then removes itself from the timer.  code | html
JmDNS.ServiceResolver   The ServiceResolver queries three times consecutively for services of a given type, and then removes itself from the timer.  code | html
JmDNS.Shutdown   Shutdown operations.  code | html
JmDNS.SocketListener   Listen for multicast packets.  code | html
JmDNS.TypeResolver   Helper class to resolve service types.  code | html
ServiceEvent   ServiceEvent.  code | html
ServiceInfo   JmDNS service information.  code | html