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JNDIStorableInterface   Faciliates objects to be stored in JNDI as properties  code | html

Abstract Classes:

JNDIBaseStorable   Facilitates objects to be stored in JNDI as properties  code | html
LazyCreateContext   Allows users to dynamically create items  code | html
ReadOnlyContext.LocalNamingEnumeration     code | html


ActiveMQInitialContextFactory   A factory of the ActiveMQ InitialContext which contains ConnectionFactory instances as well as a child context called destinations which contain all of the current active destinations, in child context depending on the QoS such as transient or durable and queue or topic.  code | html
ActiveMQWASInitialContextFactory   This implementation of InitialContextFactory should be used when ActiveMQ is used as WebSphere Generic JMS Provider.  code | html
JNDIReferenceFactory   Converts objects implementing JNDIStorable into a property fields so they can be stored and regenerated from JNDI  code | html
NameParserImpl   A default implementation of NameParser   code | html
ReadOnlyContext   A read-only Context

This version assumes it and all its subcontext are read-only and any attempt to modify (e.g. 

code | html
ReadOnlyContext.ListBindingEnumeration     code | html
ReadOnlyContext.ListEnumeration     code | html