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public class: ListContainerImpl [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Implementation of a ListContainer
Field Summary
protected  Marshaller marshaller     
Fields inherited from org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl.container.BaseContainerImpl:
root,  indexList,  indexManager,  dataManager,  containerId,  loaded,  closed,  initialized,  persistentIndex
 public ListContainerImpl(ContainerId id,
    IndexItem root,
    IndexManager indexManager,
    DataManager dataManager,
    boolean persistentIndex) throws IOException 
Method from org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl.container.ListContainerImpl Summary:
add,   add,   addAll,   addAll,   addFirst,   addLast,   clear,   contains,   containsAll,   doRemove,   equals,   get,   get,   getFirst,   getLast,   getNext,   getPrevious,   getValue,   hashCode,   indexOf,   insert,   internalAdd,   internalAddFirst,   internalAddLast,   internalGet,   internalSet,   isEmpty,   itemAdded,   itemRemoved,   iterator,   lastIndexOf,   listIterator,   listIterator,   load,   placeFirst,   placeLast,   refresh,   remove,   remove,   remove,   remove,   removeAll,   removeFirst,   removeLast,   retainAll,   set,   setMarshaller,   size,   subList,   toArray,   toArray,   toString,   unload,   update,   writeFirst,   writeLast
Methods from org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl.container.BaseContainerImpl:
checkClosed,   clear,   close,   delete,   doClear,   expressDataInterest,   getContainerId,   getDataManager,   getId,   getIndexManager,   getInternalList,   getList,   getValue,   init,   isLoaded,   isRoot,   load,   remove,   setList,   size,   storeIndex,   unload,   updateIndexes
Methods from java.lang.Object:
clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl.container.ListContainerImpl Detail:
 public synchronized boolean add(Object o) 
 public synchronized  void add(int index,
    Object element) 
 public synchronized boolean addAll(Collection c) 
 public synchronized boolean addAll(int index,
    Collection c) 
 public synchronized  void addFirst(Object o) 
 public synchronized  void addLast(Object o) 
 public synchronized  void clear() 
 public synchronized boolean contains(Object o) 
 public synchronized boolean containsAll(Collection c) 
 public synchronized boolean doRemove(int index) 
 public synchronized boolean equals(Object obj) 
 public synchronized Object get(int index) 
 public synchronized Object get(StoreEntry entry) 
    Retrieve an Object from the Store by its location
 public synchronized StoreEntry getFirst() 
    Get the StoreEntry for the first item of the list
 public synchronized StoreEntry getLast() 
    Get the StoreEntry for the last item of the list
 public synchronized StoreEntry getNext(StoreEntry entry) 
    Get the next StoreEntry from the list
 public synchronized StoreEntry getPrevious(StoreEntry entry) 
    Get the previous StoreEntry from the list
 protected synchronized Object getValue(StoreEntry item) 
 public int hashCode() 
 public synchronized int indexOf(Object o) 
 protected synchronized IndexItem insert(int insertPos,
    Object value) 
 protected synchronized IndexItem internalAdd(int index,
    Object element) 
 protected synchronized StoreEntry internalAddFirst(Object o) 
 protected synchronized StoreEntry internalAddLast(Object o) 
 protected synchronized StoreEntry internalGet(int index) 
 protected synchronized IndexItem internalSet(int index,
    Object element) 
 public synchronized boolean isEmpty() 
 protected synchronized  void itemAdded(IndexItem item,
    int pos,
    Object value) 
 protected synchronized  void itemRemoved(int pos) 
 public synchronized Iterator iterator() 
 public synchronized int lastIndexOf(Object o) 
 public synchronized ListIterator listIterator() 
 public synchronized ListIterator listIterator(int index) 
 public synchronized  void load() 
 public synchronized StoreEntry placeFirst(Object object) 
    insert an Object in first position int the list but get a StoreEntry of its position
 public synchronized StoreEntry placeLast(Object object) 
    add an Object to the list but get a StoreEntry of its position
 public synchronized StoreEntry refresh(StoreEntry entry) 
    It's possible that a StoreEntry could be come stale this will return an upto date entry for the StoreEntry position
 public synchronized boolean remove(Object o) 
 protected synchronized  void remove(IndexItem item) 
 public synchronized Object remove(int index) 
 public synchronized boolean remove(StoreEntry entry) 
    remove the Object at the StoreEntry
 public synchronized boolean removeAll(Collection c) 
 public synchronized Object removeFirst() 
 public synchronized Object removeLast() 
 public synchronized boolean retainAll(Collection c) 
 public synchronized Object set(int index,
    Object element) 
 public synchronized  void setMarshaller(Marshaller marshaller) 
 public synchronized int size() 
 public synchronized List<Object> subList(int fromIndex,
    int toIndex) 
 public synchronized Object[] toArray() 
 public synchronized Object[] toArray(Object[] a) 
 public synchronized String toString() 
 public synchronized  void unload() 
 public synchronized  void update(StoreEntry entry,
    Object object) 
 protected synchronized IndexItem writeFirst(Object value) 
 protected synchronized IndexItem writeLast(Object value)