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Resettable   Represents some statistic that is capable of being reset  code | html
StatsCapable   Represents an object which is capable of providing some stats  code | html


BoundaryStatisticImpl   A boundary statistic implementation  code | html
BoundedRangeStatisticImpl   A bounded range statistic implementation  code | html
CountStatisticImpl   A count statistic implementation  code | html
JCAConnectionPoolStatsImpl   Statistics for a JCA connection pool  code | html
JCAConnectionStatsImpl   Statistics for a JCA connection  code | html
JCAStatsImpl   Statistics for a number of JCA connections and connection pools  code | html
JMSConnectionStatsImpl   Statistics for a JMS connection  code | html
JMSConsumerStatsImpl   Statistics for a JMS consumer  code | html
JMSEndpointStatsImpl   Statistics for a JMS endpoint, typically a MessageProducer or MessageConsumer but this class can also be used to represent statistics on a Destination as well.  code | html
JMSProducerStatsImpl   Statistics for a JMS producer  code | html
JMSSessionStatsImpl   Statistics for a JMS session  code | html
JMSStatsImpl   Statistics for a number of JMS connections  code | html
PollCountStatisticImpl   A count statistic implementation  code | html
RangeStatisticImpl   A range statistic implementation  code | html
StatisticImpl   Base class for a Statistic implementation  code | html
StatsImpl   Base class for a Stats implementation  code | html
TimeStatisticImpl   A time statistic implementation  code | html