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Sub Packages:

org.apache.activemq.advisory   Support for JMS Advisory messages as well as some helper listeners to listen to the clients, producers and consumers available.  
org.apache.activemq.axis   Support classes for integration with Apache Axis for web service integration  
org.apache.activemq.blob   Helper classes for dealing with out-of-band BLOB objects  
org.apache.activemq.broker   The core classes for the ActiveMQ Message Broker and its connectors.  
org.apache.activemq.broker.ft   Helper classes for implementing fault tolerance  
org.apache.activemq.broker.jmx   JMX MBeans for the broker and its core connectors.  
org.apache.activemq.broker.region   Region abstraction and implementations in the Broker.  
org.apache.activemq.broker.region.cursors   Cursors used to page persistent messages into the broker from the store  
org.apache.activemq.broker.region.group   Classes to implement the Message Groups feature.  
org.apache.activemq.broker.region.policy   The policies which can be associated with a particular destination or wildcard.  
org.apache.activemq.broker.region.virtual   Implementation classes for Virtual Destinations  
org.apache.activemq.broker.util   Some utility Broker Plugins  
org.apache.activemq.broker.view   Broker Plugins for visualising the current system  
org.apache.activemq.camel   Defines a JMS client which is capable of sending and receiving messages to Camel endpoints to provide Enterprise Integration Patterns integration in any JMS client application.  
org.apache.activemq.camel.component   Defines the ActiveMQ Component for Camel to provide great Enterprise Integration Patterns integration for ActiveMQ users.  
org.apache.activemq.camel.converter   Defines the Type Converters for working with JMS and ActiveMQ with Camel Enterprise Integration Patterns  

Command objects used via the Command Pattern to communicate among nodes


Filter implementations for wildcards & JMS selectors

org.apache.activemq.jndi   JNDI support classes  

fast message persistence implementation

org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl   Kaha implementation classes  
org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl.async   journal based data storage - scalable and fast  
org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl.container   Map and List container implementations for Kaha  
org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl.data   Data containers for Kaha.  
org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl.index   Kaha index - type classes for the Map Container - including VM implementation  
org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl.index.hash   disk based Hash implementation of an index for a Map  
org.apache.activemq.kaha.impl.index.tree   BTree implementation of an index for a Map  

An implementation of the J2EE Management API

org.apache.activemq.network   Support for federated networks of brokers.  
org.apache.activemq.network.jms   Support for a federated network using a foreign JMS provider.  
org.apache.activemq.pool   A JMS provider which pools Connection, Session and MessageProducer instances so it can be used with tools like Spring's JmsTemplate .  

JCA managed connections and resource adapters for working with ActiveMQ

org.apache.activemq.security   Plugable Security Adapter framework along with default implementations such as the JAAS implementation.  
org.apache.activemq.spring   Helper classes for working with the JMS client and Spring .  

The APIs which need to be implemented for persistent message stores for durable messaging

org.apache.activemq.store.amq   The default Store implementation for ActiveMQ  

Message persistence implemented using JDBC

org.apache.activemq.store.jdbc.adapter   Implements database/driver apapters to compensate for the wide differences in the BLOB handing of JDBC drivers.  
org.apache.activemq.store.journal   Message persistence using a high performance transaction log via the Journal interface.  

kaha implementation of message persistence for the broker


VM based implementation of message persistence

org.apache.activemq.transport   The core Transport abstraction and support classes  
org.apache.activemq.transport.discovery   Discovery mechanism to discover brokers and clients.  
org.apache.activemq.transport.discovery.multicast   Discovery implementation using multicast  
org.apache.activemq.transport.discovery.rendezvous   A discovery agent using Zeroconf via the jmDNS library  
org.apache.activemq.transport.discovery.simple   Simple discovery implementation using a static list  
org.apache.activemq.transport.failover   Fail-Over Transport which will automatically reconnect to a failed transport and choose one of a list of possible transport implementations to use.  
org.apache.activemq.transport.fanout   Fan-out Transport implementation which ensures that a message is sent to multiple destinations such as to ensure multiple brokers received a message for non-durable topic delivery to improve redundancy  
org.apache.activemq.transport.http   A transport using the HTTP protocol to allow ActiveMQ to tunnel through firewalls.  
org.apache.activemq.transport.https   A transport using the HTTPS protocol (built on top of the HTTP transport) to allow ActiveMQ to tunnel through firewalls using SSL.  
org.apache.activemq.transport.mock   A mock implementation of the Transport layer useful for testing  
org.apache.activemq.transport.multicast   A Multicast based Transport implementation.  
org.apache.activemq.transport.peer   Peer based Transport implementation which does not require central servers to connect to  
org.apache.activemq.transport.reliable   The Reliable transport deals with out of order commands as well as dealing with checking for missed commands and possibly re-requesting the replay of dropped commands.  
org.apache.activemq.transport.stomp   An implementation of the Stomp protocol which is a simple wire protocol for writing clients for ActiveMQ in different languages like Ruby, Python, PHP, C etc.  
org.apache.activemq.transport.tcp   TCP/IP based Transport implementation.  
org.apache.activemq.transport.udp   UDP based Transport implementation.  
org.apache.activemq.transport.vm   In-JVM based Transport implementation.  
org.apache.activemq.util   Some utility classes  
org.apache.activemq.web   Web Connectors so that messages can be sent via HTTP POST or read via HTTP POST or GET as well as support for web streaming to we browser or JavaScript clients.  
org.apache.activemq.wireformat   An API for WireFormats which are used to turn object into bytes and bytes into objects.  
org.apache.activemq.xbean   Helper classes for creating the a broker using XBean and for creating a broker within Spring .  


ActiveMQDispatcher   Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements.  code | html
ActiveMQSession.DeliveryListener     code | html
BlobMessage   Represents a message which has a typically out of band Binary Large Object (BLOB)  code | html
ClientInternalExceptionListener   An exception listener similar to the standard javax.jms.ExceptionListener which can be used by client code to be notified of exceptions thrown by container components (e.g.  code | html
Closeable   Provides a uniform interface that can be used to close all the JMS obejcts that provide a close() method.  code | html
CustomDestination   Represents a hook to allow the support of custom destinations such as to support Apache Camel to create and manage endpoints  code | html
Disposable     code | html
EnhancedConnection   A set of enhanced APIs for a JMS provider  code | html
LocalTransactionEventListener     code | html
Message   Represents the JMS extension methods in Apache ActiveMQ  code | html
MessageAvailableConsumer   An extended JMS interface that adds the ability to be notified when a message is available for consumption using the receive*() methods which is useful in Ajax style subscription models.  code | html
MessageAvailableListener   A listener which is notified if a message is available for processing via the receive methods.  code | html
MessageTransformer   A plugin strategy for transforming a message before it is sent by the JMS client or before it is dispatched to the JMS consumer  code | html
Service   The core lifecyle interface for ActiveMQ components.  code | html
StreamConnection   The StreamConnection interface allows you to send and receive data from a Destination in using standard java InputStream and OutputStream objects.  code | html
ThreadPriorities   A holder for different thread priorites used in ActiveMQ  code | html

Abstract Classes:

ActiveMQMessageProducerSupport   A useful base class for implementing a MessageProducer   code | html
MessageTransformerSupport   A useful base class for message transformers.  code | html


ActiveMQConnection   Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements.  code | html
ActiveMQConnectionConsumer   For application servers, Connection objects provide a special facility for creating a ConnectionConsumer (optional).  code | html
ActiveMQConnectionFactory   A ConnectionFactory is an an Administered object, and is used for creating Connections.  code | html
ActiveMQConnectionMetaData   A ConnectionMetaData object provides information describing the Connection object.  code | html
ActiveMQInputStream     code | html
ActiveMQMessageAudit   Provides basic audit functions for Messages  code | html
ActiveMQMessageConsumer   A client uses a MessageConsumer object to receive messages from a destination.  code | html
ActiveMQMessageConsumer.PreviouslyDeliveredMap     code | html
ActiveMQMessageProducer   A client uses a MessageProducer object to send messages to a destination.  code | html
ActiveMQMessageTransformation   A helper class for converting normal JMS interfaces into ActiveMQ specific ones.  code | html
ActiveMQOutputStream     code | html
ActiveMQPrefetchPolicy   Defines the prefetch message policies for different types of consumers  code | html
ActiveMQQueueBrowser   A client uses a QueueBrowser object to look at messages on a queue without removing them.  code | html
ActiveMQQueueReceiver   A client uses a QueueReceiver object to receive messages that have been delivered to a queue.  code | html
ActiveMQQueueSender   A client uses a QueueSender object to send messages to a queue.  code | html
ActiveMQQueueSession   A QueueSession implementation that throws IllegalStateExceptions when Topic operations are attempted but which delegates to another QueueSession for all other operations.  code | html

A Session object is a single-threaded context for producing and consuming messages. 

code | html
ActiveMQSessionExecutor   A utility class used by the Session for dispatching messages asynchronously to consumers  code | html
ActiveMQSslConnectionFactory   An ActiveMQConnectionFactory that allows access to the key and trust managers used for SslConnections.  code | html
ActiveMQTopicPublisher   A client uses a TopicPublisher object to publish messages on a topic.  code | html
ActiveMQTopicSession   A TopicSession implementation that throws IllegalStateExceptions when Queue operations are attempted but which delegates to another TopicSession for all other operations.  code | html
ActiveMQTopicSubscriber   A client uses a TopicSubscriber object to receive messages that have been published to a topic.  code | html
ActiveMQXAConnection   The XAConnection interface extends the capability of Connection by providing an XASession (optional).  code | html
ActiveMQXAConnectionFactory   A factory of XAConnection instances  code | html
ActiveMQXASession   The XASession interface extends the capability of Session by adding access to a JMS provider's support for the Java Transaction API (JTA) (optional).  code | html
AdvisoryConsumer   Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements.  code | html
AlreadyClosedException   An exception which is closed if you try to access a resource which has already been closed  code | html
ConfigurationException   An exception thrown when a service is not correctly configured  code | html
ConnectionAudit   An auditor class for a Connection that looks for duplicates  code | html
ConnectionClosedException   An exception thrown when attempt is made to use a connection when the connection has been closed.  code | html
ConnectionFailedException   An exception thrown when the a connection failure is detected (peer might close the connection, or a keep alive times out, etc.)  code | html
MessageDispatchChannel   Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements.  code | html
NotStartedException   An exception thrown when an operation is invoked on a service which has not yet been started.  code | html
RedeliveryPolicy   Configuration options used to control how messages are re-delivered when they are rolled back.  code | html
TransactionContext   A TransactionContext provides the means to control a JMS transaction.  code | html