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ActiveMQResourceManager   This class allows wiring the ActiveMQ broker and the Geronimo transaction manager in a way that will allow the transaction manager to correctly recover XA transactions.  code | html
ActiveMQResourceManager.Recovery   This class will ensure the broker is properly recovered when wired with the Geronimo transaction manager.  code | html
AmqJNDIPooledConnectionFactory   AmqJNDIPooledConnectionFactory.java Created by linus on 2008-03-07.  code | html
ConnectionKey   A cache key for the connection details  code | html
ConnectionPool   Holds a real JMS connection along with the session pools associated with it.  code | html
JcaConnectionPool     code | html
JcaPooledConnectionFactory     code | html
PooledConnection   Represents a proxy Connection which is-a TopicConnection and QueueConnection which is pooled and on #close() will return itself to the sessionPool.  code | html
PooledConnectionFactory   A JMS provider which pools Connection, Session and MessageProducer instances so it can be used with tools like Spring's JmsTemplate code | html
PooledConnectionFactoryBean   Simple factory bean used to create a jencks connection pool.  code | html
PooledProducer   A pooled MessageProducer   code | html
PooledQueueSender     code | html
PooledSession     code | html
PooledTopicPublisher     code | html
SessionKey   A cache key for the session details  code | html
SessionPool   Represents the session pool for a given JMS connection.  code | html
XaConnectionPool   An XA-aware connection pool.  code | html
XaConnectionPool.Synchronization     code | html
XaPooledConnectionFactory   A pooled connection factory that automatically enlists sessions in the current active XA transaction if any.  code | html