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AuthorizationMap     code | html
MessageAuthorizationPolicy   A plugin to allow custom message-level security checks to be performed before a message is consumed.  code | html
SecurityAdminMBean   An MBean for adding and removing users, roles and destinations.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

SecurityContext   Used to cache up authorizations so that subsequent requests are faster.  code | html


AuthenticationUser   A helper object used to configure simple authentiaction plugin  code | html
AuthorizationBroker   Verifies if a authenticated user can do an operation against the broker using an authorization map.  code | html
AuthorizationEntry   Represents an entry in a DefaultAuthorizationMap for assigning different operations (read, write, admin) of user roles to a specific destination or a hierarchical wildcard area of destinations.  code | html
AuthorizationPlugin   An authorization plugin where each operation on a destination is checked against an authorizationMap  code | html
DefaultAuthorizationMap   Represents a destination based configuration of policies so that individual destinations or wildcard hierarchies of destinations can be configured using different policies.  code | html
JaasAuthenticationBroker   Logs a user in using JAAS.  code | html
JaasAuthenticationBroker.JaasSecurityContext     code | html
JaasAuthenticationPlugin   Adds a JAAS based authentication security plugin  code | html
JaasCertificateAuthenticationBroker   A JAAS Authentication Broker that uses SSL Certificates.  code | html
JaasCertificateAuthenticationPlugin   A JAAS based SSL certificate authentication plugin.  code | html
JaasCertificateSecurityContext   Extends the SecurityContext to provide a username which is the Distinguished Name from the certificate.  code | html
LDAPAuthorizationMap   An AuthorizationMap which uses LDAP  code | html
SimpleAuthenticationBroker   Handles authenticating a users against a simple user name/password map.  code | html
SimpleAuthenticationPlugin   A simple authentication plugin  code | html
SimpleAuthorizationMap   An AuthorizationMap which is configured with individual DestinationMaps for each operation.  code | html
TempDestinationAuthorizationEntry   Represents an entry in a DefaultAuthorizationMap for assigning different operations (read, write, admin) of user roles to a temporary destination  code | html