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public interface: MessageStore [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Represents a message store which is used by the persistent implementations
Method from org.apache.activemq.store.MessageStore Summary:
addMessage,   dispose,   getDestination,   getMessage,   getMessageCount,   isEmpty,   recover,   recoverNextMessages,   removeAllMessages,   removeMessage,   resetBatching,   setBatch,   setMemoryUsage
Method from org.apache.activemq.store.MessageStore Detail:
 public  void addMessage(ConnectionContext context,
    Message message) throws IOException
    Adds a message to the message store
 public  void dispose(ConnectionContext context)
 public ActiveMQDestination getDestination()
    The destination that the message store is holding messages for.
 public Message getMessage(MessageId identity) throws IOException
    Looks up a message using either the String messageID or the messageNumber. Implementations are encouraged to fill in the missing key if its easy to do so.
 public int getMessageCount() throws IOException
 public boolean isEmpty() throws Exception
    flag to indicate if the store is empty
 public  void recover(MessageRecoveryListener container) throws Exception
    Recover any messages to be delivered.
 public  void recoverNextMessages(int maxReturned,
    MessageRecoveryListener listener) throws Exception
 public  void removeAllMessages(ConnectionContext context) throws IOException
    Removes all the messages from the message store.
 public  void removeMessage(ConnectionContext context,
    MessageAck ack) throws IOException
    Removes a message from the message store.
 public  void resetBatching()
    A hint to the Store to reset any batching state for the Destination
 public  void setBatch(MessageId messageId) throws Exception
    allow caching cursors to set the current batch offset when cache is exhausted
 public  void setMemoryUsage(MemoryUsage memoeyUSage)