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public class: BlobJDBCAdapter [javadoc | source]

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Direct Known Subclasses:
    InformixJDBCAdapter, OracleJDBCAdapter

This JDBCAdapter inserts and extracts BLOB data using the getBlob()/setBlob() operations. This is a little more involved since to insert a blob you have to: 1: insert empty blob. 2: select the blob 3: finally update the blob with data value. The databases/JDBC drivers that use this adapter are:
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statements,  batchStatments
Method from Summary:
doAddMessage,   doGetMessage
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doAddMessage,   doAddMessageReference,   doCreateTables,   doDeleteOldMessages,   doDeleteSubscription,   doDropTables,   doGetAllSubscriptions,   doGetDestinations,   doGetDurableSubscriberMessageCount,   doGetLastAckedDurableSubscriberMessageId,   doGetLastMessageStoreSequenceId,   doGetMessage,   doGetMessageById,   doGetMessageCount,   doGetMessageReference,   doGetNextDurableSubscriberMessageStatement,   doGetSubscriberEntry,   doMessageIdScan,   doRecover,   doRecoverNextMessages,   doRecoverNextMessages,   doRecoverSubscription,   doRemoveAllMessages,   doRemoveMessage,   doSetLastAck,   doSetSubscriberEntry,   getBinaryData,   getStatements,   getStoreSequenceId,   isBatchStatments,   setBatchStatments,   setBinaryData,   setStatements,   setUseExternalMessageReferences
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Method from Detail:
 public  void doAddMessage(Connection c,
    long seq,
    String messageID,
    String destinationName,
    byte[] data) throws SQLException, JMSException 
 public byte[] doGetMessage(TransactionContext c,
    long seq) throws SQLException