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AgentMessageListener   A simple consumer which is useful for testing which can be used to wait until the consumer has received a specific number of messages.  code | html
BrokerAgentImpl   A simple in-memory broker implementation  code | html
ConsumerAgentImpl   A simple in JVM implementation of a ConsumerAgent   code | html
DestinationFactoryImpl     code | html
DiscoveryBrokerAgentImpl   A broker using discovery  code | html
JmsClientSupport   Simple base class for JMS client agents.  code | html
ProducerAgentImpl   A simple in JVM implementation of a ProducerAgent   code | html
SeparateBrokerProcessAgentImpl   Runs a broker in a separate process  code | html
SeparateProcessAgent   Starts a separate process on this machine until its asked to be killed.  code | html