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public interface: Transport [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Represents the client side of a transport allowing messages to be sent synchronously, asynchronously and consumed.
Method from org.apache.activemq.transport.Transport Summary:
asyncRequest,   getReceiveCounter,   getRemoteAddress,   getTransportListener,   isConnected,   isDisposed,   isFaultTolerant,   narrow,   oneway,   reconnect,   request,   request,   setTransportListener
Method from org.apache.activemq.transport.Transport Detail:
 public FutureResponse asyncRequest(Object command,
    ResponseCallback responseCallback) throws IOException
    An asynchronous request response where the Receipt will be returned in the future. If responseCallback is not null, then it will be called when the response has been completed.
 public int getReceiveCounter()
    Returns a counter which gets incremented as data is read from the transport. It should only be used to determine if there is progress being made in reading the next command from the transport. The value may wrap into the negative numbers.
 public String getRemoteAddress()
 public TransportListener getTransportListener()
    Returns the current transport listener
 public boolean isConnected()
 public boolean isDisposed()
 public boolean isFaultTolerant()
    Indicates if the transport can handle faults
 public T narrow(Class<T> target)
 public  void oneway(Object command) throws IOException
    A one way asynchronous send
 public  void reconnect(URI uri) throws IOException
    reconnect to another location
 public Object request(Object command) throws IOException
    A synchronous request response
 public Object request(Object command,
    int timeout) throws IOException
    A synchronous request response
 public  void setTransportListener(TransportListener commandListener)
    Registers an inbound command listener