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FrameTranslator   Implementations of this interface are used to map back and forth from Stomp to ActiveMQ.  code | html
ResponseHandler   Interface used by the ProtocolConverter for callbacks.  code | html
Stomp   Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements.  code | html
Stomp.Commands     code | html
Stomp.Headers     code | html
Stomp.Headers.Ack     code | html
Stomp.Headers.Connect     code | html
Stomp.Headers.Connected     code | html
Stomp.Headers.Error     code | html
Stomp.Headers.Message     code | html
Stomp.Headers.Response     code | html
Stomp.Headers.Send     code | html
Stomp.Headers.Subscribe     code | html
Stomp.Headers.Subscribe.AckModeValues     code | html
Stomp.Headers.Unsubscribe     code | html
Stomp.Responses     code | html


Stomp.Transformations     code | html
FrameTranslator.Helper   Helper class which holds commonly needed functions used when implementing FrameTranslators  code | html
JmsFrameTranslator   Frame translator implementation that uses XStream to convert messages to and from XML and JSON  code | html
LegacyFrameTranslator   Implements ActiveMQ 4.0 translations  code | html
ProtocolConverter     code | html
ProtocolException     code | html
StompConnection   Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements.  code | html
StompFrame   Represents all the data in a STOMP frame.  code | html
StompFrameError   Command indicating that an invalid Stomp Frame was received.  code | html
StompNIOTransport   An implementation of the Transport interface for using Stomp over NIO  code | html
StompNIOTransportFactory   A STOMP over NIO transport factory  code | html
StompSslTransportFactory   A STOMP over SSL transport factory  code | html
StompSubscription   Keeps track of the STOMP subscription so that acking is correctly done.  code | html
StompTransportFactory   A STOMP transport factory  code | html
StompTransportFilter   The StompTransportFilter normally sits on top of a TcpTransport that has been configured with the StompWireFormat and is used to convert STOMP commands to ActiveMQ commands.  code | html
StompWireFormat   Implements marshalling and unmarsalling the Stomp protocol.  code | html
StompWireFormatFactory   Creates WireFormat objects that marshalls the Stomp protocol.  code | html