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public class: ProtocolConverter [javadoc | source]
TODO lots of this code could be shared with Stomp
 public ProtocolConverter(XmppTransport transport) 
Method from org.apache.activemq.transport.xmpp.ProtocolConverter Summary:
addActiveMQMessageHeaders,   createActiveMQDestination,   createActiveMQMessage,   createChallengeValue,   createErrorHandler,   createFeature,   createIdentity,   createItem,   createResult,   createXmppMessage,   debugString,   generateCommandId,   initialiseRegistry,   onActiveMQCommad,   onAuth,   onAuthQuery,   onDiscoInfo,   onDiscoItems,   onIq,   onMessage,   onPresence,   onStarttls,   onXmppCommand,   sendPresence,   sendToActiveMQ,   subscribe,   unknownCommand
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Method from org.apache.activemq.transport.xmpp.ProtocolConverter Detail:
 protected  void addActiveMQMessageHeaders(ActiveMQMessage answer,
    Message message) throws JMSException 
 protected ActiveMQDestination createActiveMQDestination(String jabberDestination) throws JMSException 
    Converts the Jabber destination name into a destination in ActiveMQ
 protected ActiveMQMessage createActiveMQMessage(Message message) throws JMSException 
 protected String createChallengeValue(Auth auth) 
 protected Handler<Response> createErrorHandler(String text) 
 protected Feature createFeature(String var) 
 protected Identity createIdentity(String category,
    String type,
    String name) 
 protected Item createItem(String jid,
    String name,
    String node) 
 protected Iq createResult(Iq iq) 
    Creates a result command from the input
 protected Message createXmppMessage(String to,
    MessageDispatch messageDispatch) throws JMSException 
 protected String debugString(Iq iq) 
 protected int generateCommandId() 
 protected  void initialiseRegistry() 
 public  void onActiveMQCommad(Command command) throws Exception 
 protected  void onAuth(Auth auth) throws Exception 
 protected  void onAuthQuery(Object any,
    Iq iq) throws IOException 
 protected  void onDiscoInfo(Iq iq,
    Query query) throws IOException 
 protected  void onDiscoItems(Iq iq,
    Query query) throws IOException 
 protected  void onIq(Iq iq) throws Exception 
 protected  void onMessage(Message message) throws Exception 
 protected  void onPresence(Presence presence) throws IOException, JMSException 
 protected  void onStarttls(Starttls starttls) throws Exception 
 public  void onXmppCommand(Object command) throws Exception 
 protected  void sendPresence(Presence presence,
    Item item) throws IOException 
 protected  void sendToActiveMQ(Command command,
    Handler<Response> handler) 
 protected  void subscribe(String to,
    ActiveMQDestination destination,
    Map<String, ConsumerInfo> consumerMap) 
 protected  void unknownCommand(Object command) throws Exception