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public interface: BrokerFacade [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    SingletonBrokerFacade, RemoteJMXBrokerFacade, LocalBrokerFacade, BrokerFacadeSupport

A facade for either a local in JVM broker or a remote broker over JMX
Method from org.apache.activemq.web.BrokerFacade Summary:
getBrokerAdmin,   getBrokerName,   getConnection,   getConnections,   getConnections,   getConnector,   getConnectors,   getConsumersOnConnection,   getDurableTopicSubscribers,   getNetworkConnectors,   getQueue,   getQueueConsumers,   getQueues,   getTopic,   getTopics,   purgeQueue
Method from org.apache.activemq.web.BrokerFacade Detail:
 public BrokerViewMBean getBrokerAdmin() throws Exception
    Admin view of the broker.
 public String getBrokerName() throws Exception
    The name of the active broker (f.e. 'localhost' or 'my broker').
 public ConnectionViewMBean getConnection(String connectionName) throws Exception
    A specific connection to the broker.
 public Collection<ConnectionViewMBean> getConnections() throws Exception
    All connections to all transport connectors of the broker.
 public Collection<String> getConnections(String connectorName) throws Exception
    The names of all connections to a specific transport connectors of the broker.
 public ConnectorViewMBean getConnector(String name) throws Exception
    A transport connectors.
 public Collection<String> getConnectors() throws Exception
    The names of all transport connectors of the broker (f.e. openwire, ssl)
 public Collection<SubscriptionViewMBean> getConsumersOnConnection(String connectionName) throws Exception
    Returns all consumers of a connection.
 public Collection<DurableSubscriptionViewMBean> getDurableTopicSubscribers() throws Exception
    All durable subscribers to topics of the broker.
 public Collection<NetworkConnectorViewMBean> getNetworkConnectors() throws Exception
    The brokers network connectors.
 public QueueViewMBean getQueue(String name) throws Exception
    Get the view of the queue with the specified name.
 public Collection<SubscriptionViewMBean> getQueueConsumers(String queueName) throws Exception
    All active consumers of a queue.
 public Collection<QueueViewMBean> getQueues() throws Exception
    All queues known to the broker.
 public TopicViewMBean getTopic(String name) throws Exception
    Get the view of the topic with the specified name.
 public Collection<TopicViewMBean> getTopics() throws Exception
    All topics known to the broker.
 public  void purgeQueue(ActiveMQDestination destination) throws Exception
    Purges the given destination