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public interface: WireFormat [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    XStreamWireFormat, TextWireFormat, OpenWireFormat, XmppWireFormat, ObjectStreamWireFormat, StompWireFormat

Provides a mechanism to marshal commands into and out of packets or into and out of streams, Channels and Datagrams.
Method from org.apache.activemq.wireformat.WireFormat Summary:
getVersion,   marshal,   marshal,   setVersion,   unmarshal,   unmarshal
Method from org.apache.activemq.wireformat.WireFormat Detail:
 public int getVersion()
 public ByteSequence marshal(Object command) throws IOException
    Packet based marshaling
 public  void marshal(Object command,
    DataOutput out) throws IOException
    Stream based marshaling
 public  void setVersion(int version)
 public Object unmarshal(ByteSequence packet) throws IOException
    Packet based un-marshaling
 public Object unmarshal(DataInput in) throws IOException
    Packet based un-marshaling