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public class: FastQueue [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

A fast queue that remover thread lock the adder thread.
Limit the queue length when you have strange producer thread problemes. FIXME add i18n support to log messages
 public FastQueue() 
Method from org.apache.catalina.cluster.util.FastQueue Summary:
add,   getAddCounter,   getAddErrorCounter,   getAddWait,   getAddWaitTimeout,   getAvgSize,   getAvgSizeSample,   getMaxQueueLength,   getMaxSize,   getMaxSizeSample,   getRemoveCounter,   getRemoveErrorCounter,   getRemoveWait,   getRemoveWaitTimeout,   getSample,   getSampleInterval,   getSize,   isCheckLock,   isDoStats,   isEnabled,   isTimeWait,   remove,   resetStatistics,   setAddCounter,   setAddErrorCounter,   setAddWait,   setAddWaitTimeout,   setCheckLock,   setDoStats,   setEnabled,   setMaxQueueLength,   setMaxSize,   setMaxSizeSample,   setRemoveCounter,   setRemoveErrorCounter,   setRemoveWait,   setRemoveWaitTimeout,   setSampleInterval,   setTimeWait,   start,   stop,   unlockAdd,   unlockRemove
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Method from org.apache.catalina.cluster.util.FastQueue Detail:
 public boolean add(String key,
    Object data) 
    Add new data to the queue
 public long getAddCounter() 
 public long getAddErrorCounter() 
 public long getAddWait() 
 public long getAddWaitTimeout() 
    get current add wait timeout
 public long getAvgSize() 
    Avg queue size
 public long getAvgSizeSample() 
 public int getMaxQueueLength() 
    get Max Queue length
 public int getMaxSize() 
 public int getMaxSizeSample() 
 public long getRemoveCounter() 
 public long getRemoveErrorCounter() 
 public long getRemoveWait() 
 public long getRemoveWaitTimeout() 
    get current remove wait timeout
 public long getSample() 
 public int getSampleInterval() 
 public int getSize() 
 public boolean isCheckLock() 
 public boolean isDoStats() 
 public boolean isEnabled() 
 public boolean isTimeWait() 
 public LinkObject remove() 
    remove the complete queued object list
 public  void resetStatistics() 
    reset all stats data
 public  void setAddCounter(long counter) 
 public  void setAddErrorCounter(long counter) 
 public  void setAddWait(long wait) 
 public  void setAddWaitTimeout(long timeout) 
    Set add wait timeout (default 10000 msec)
 public  void setCheckLock(boolean checkLock) 
 public  void setDoStats(boolean doStats) 
 public  void setEnabled(boolean enable) 
 public  void setMaxQueueLength(int length) 
 public  void setMaxSize(int size) 
 public  void setMaxSizeSample(int size) 
 public  void setRemoveCounter(long counter) 
 public  void setRemoveErrorCounter(long counter) 
 public  void setRemoveWait(long wait) 
 public  void setRemoveWaitTimeout(long timeout) 
    set remove wait timeout ( default 30000 msec)
 public  void setSampleInterval(int interval) 
 public  void setTimeWait(boolean timeWait) 
 public  void start() 
    start queuing
 public  void stop() 
    start queuing
 public  void unlockAdd() 
    unlock queue for next add
 public  void unlockRemove() 
    unlock queue for next remove