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public class: SmartQueue [javadoc | source]
A smart queue, used for async replication
the "smart" part of this queue is that if the session is already queued for replication, and it is updated again, the session will simply be replaced, hence we don't replicate stuff that is obsolete. Put this into util, since it is quite generic.
Nested Class Summary:
public static class  SmartQueue.SmartEntry   
Field Summary
public static  Log log     
 public SmartQueue() 
Method from org.apache.catalina.cluster.util.SmartQueue Summary:
add,   remove,   remove,   size
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Method from org.apache.catalina.cluster.util.SmartQueue Detail:
 public  void add(SmartEntry entry) 
    Add an object to the queue
 public SmartEntry remove() 
    Blocks forever until an element has been added to the queue
 public SmartEntry remove(long timeout) 
 public int size()