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org.apache.catalina.cluster.util: Javadoc index of package org.apache.catalina.cluster.util.

Package Samples:

org.apache.catalina.cluster.util: This package contains code for Clustering, the base class of a Cluster is org.apache.catalina.Cluster implementations of this class is done when implementing a new Cluster protocol  


SingleRemoveSynchronizedAddLock: The class SingleRemoveSynchronizedAddLock implement locking for accessing the queue by a single remove thread and multiple add threads. A thread is only allowed to be either the remove or an add thread. The lock can either be owned by the remove thread or by a single add thread. If the remove thread tries to get the lock, but the queue is empty, it will block (poll) until an add threads adds an entry to the queue and releases the lock. If the remove thread and add threads compete for the lock and an add thread releases the lock, then the remove thread will get the lock first. The remove thread ...
FastQueue: A fast queue that remover thread lock the adder thread. Limit the queue length when you have strange producer thread problemes. FIXME add i18n support to log messages
LinkObject: The class LinkObject implements an element for a linked list, consisting of a general data object and a pointer to the next element.
IQueue: A queue interface

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