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Base64   This class provides encode/decode for RFC 2045 Base64 as defined by RFC 2045, N.  code | html
CGIProcessEnvironment   Encapsulates the CGI Process' environment and rules to derive that environment from the servlet container and request information.  code | html
CatalinaDigester   This extended digester filters out ${...} tokens to replace them with matching system properties.  code | html
CatalinaDigester.SystemPropertySource     code | html
CharsetMapper   Utility class that attempts to map from a Locale to the corresponding character set to be used for interpreting input text (or generating output text) when the Content-Type header does not include one.  code | html
CookieTools   Cookie utils - generate cookie header, etc  code | html
CustomObjectInputStream   Custom subclass of ObjectInputStream that loads from the class loader for this web application.  code | html
DOMWriter   A sample DOM writer.  code | html
DateTool   Common place for date utils.  code | html
DefaultAnnotationProcessor   Verify the annotation and Process it.  code | html
Enumerator   Adapter class that wraps an Enumeration around a Java2 collection classes object Iterator so that existing APIs returning Enumerations can easily run on top of the new collections.  code | html
Extension   Utility class that represents either an available "Optional Package" (formerly known as "Standard Extension") as described in the manifest of a JAR file, or the requirement for such an optional package.  code | html
ExtensionValidator   Ensures that all extension dependies are resolved for a WEB application are met.  code | html
FastDateFormat   Fast date formatter that caches recently formatted date information and uses it to avoid too-frequent calls to the underlying formatter.  code | html
HexUtils   Library of utility methods useful in dealing with converting byte arrays to and from strings of hexadecimal digits.  code | html
IOTools   Contains commonly needed I/O-related methods  code | html
InstanceSupport   Support class to assist in firing InstanceEvent notifications to registered InstanceListeners.  code | html
LifecycleSupport   Support class to assist in firing LifecycleEvent notifications to registered LifecycleListeners.  code | html
MD5Encoder   Encode an MD5 digest into a String.  code | html
MIME2Java   MIME2Java is a convenience class which handles conversions between MIME charset names and Java encoding names.  code | html
ManifestResource   Representation of a Manifest file and its available extensions and required extensions  code | html
ParameterMap   Extended implementation of HashMap that includes a locked property.  code | html
ProcessEnvironment   Encapsulates the Process environment and rules to derive that environment from the servlet container and request information.  code | html
ProcessHelper   Encapsulates the knowledge of how to run a CGI script, given the script's desired environment and (optionally) input/output streams

Exposes a run method used to actually invoke the CGI. 

code | html
Queue   A simple FIFO queue class which causes the calling thread to wait if the queue is empty and notifies threads that are waiting when it is not empty.  code | html
RequestUtil   General purpose request parsing and encoding utility methods.  code | html
ResourceSet   Extended implementation of HashSet that includes a locked property.  code | html
ResponseUtil     code | html
SchemaResolver   This class implements a local SAX's EntityResolver code | html
ServerInfo   Simple utility module to make it easy to plug in the server identifier when integrating Tomcat.  code | html
Strftime   Converts dates to strings using the same format specifiers as strftime Note: This does not mimic strftime perfectly.  code | html
StringManager   An internationalization / localization helper class which reduces the bother of handling ResourceBundles and takes care of the common cases of message formating which otherwise require the creation of Object arrays and such.  code | html
StringParser   Utility class for string parsing that is higher performance than StringParser for simple delimited text cases.  code | html
TomcatCSS     code | html

URL is designed to provide public APIs for parsing and synthesizing Uniform Resource Locators as similar as possible to the APIs of java.net.URL, but without the ability to open a stream or connection. 

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URLEncoder   This class is very similar to the java.net.URLEncoder class.  code | html
XMLWriter   XMLWriter helper class.  code | html

All Test Cases:

CookieToolsTestCase   Unit tests for the CookieTools class.  code | html
URLTestCase   Unit tests for the org.apache.catalina.util.URL class.  code | html