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public interface: Catalog [javadoc | source]

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A Catalog is a collection of named Command s (or Chain s) that can be used to retrieve the set of commands that should be performed based on a symbolic identifier. Use of catalogs is optional, but convenient when there are multiple possible chains that can be selected and executed based on environmental conditions.

Field Summary
 String CATALOG_KEY   

A default context attribute for storing a default Catalog , provided as a convenience only.

Method from org.apache.commons.chain.Catalog Summary:
addCommand,   getCommand,   getNames
Method from org.apache.commons.chain.Catalog Detail:
 public  void addCommand(String name,
    Command command)

    Add a new name and associated Command or Chain to the set of named commands known to this Catalog , replacing any previous command for that name.

 public Command getCommand(String name)

    Return the Command or Chain associated with the specified name, if any; otherwise, return null.

 public Iterator getNames()

    Return an Iterator over the set of named commands known to this Catalog . If there are no known commands, an empty Iterator is returned.