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org.apache.commons.chain.web.faces: Javadoc index of package org.apache.commons.chain.web.faces.

Package Samples:

org.apache.commons.chain.web.faces: Basis for specialized Context implementations suitable for use in web applications, and generic Command implementations useful across web application environments.  


FacesWebContext: Concrete implementation of org.apache.commons.chain.web.WebContext suitable for use in JavaServer Faces apps. The abstract methods are mapped to the appropriate collections of the underlying FacesContext instance that is passed to the constructor (or the initialize method).
FacesGetLocaleCommand: Concrete implementation of org.apache.commons.chain.web.AbstractGetLocaleCommand for the JavaServer Faces API.
FacesSetLocaleCommand: Concrete implementation of org.apache.commons.chain.web.AbstractSetLocaleCommand for the JavaServer Faces API.

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