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public class: ServletWebContextTestCase [javadoc | source]
Extension of ContextBaseTestCase to validate the extra functionality of this implementation.
Field Summary
protected  ServletContext scontext     
protected  HttpServletRequest request     
protected  HttpServletResponse response     
protected  HttpSession session     
Fields inherited from org.apache.commons.chain.impl.ContextBaseTestCase:
 public ServletWebContextTestCase(String name) 
    Construct a new instance of this test case.
    name - Name of the test case
Method from org.apache.commons.chain.web.servlet.ServletWebContextTestCase Summary:
checkEntrySet,   checkMapSize,   createContext,   setUp,   suite,   tearDown,   testApplicationScope,   testCookies,   testEquals,   testHeader,   testHeaderValues,   testInitParam,   testParam,   testParamValues,   testPristine,   testRelease,   testRequestScope,   testSessionScope,   testSessionScopeWithoutSession
Methods from org.apache.commons.chain.impl.ContextBaseTestCase:
checkAttributeCount,   createContext,   expectedAttributeCount,   setUp,   suite,   tearDown,   testAttributes,   testContains,   testEquals,   testKeySet,   testPristine,   testPutAll,   testSeriaization
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equals,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from org.apache.commons.chain.web.servlet.ServletWebContextTestCase Detail:
 protected  void checkEntrySet(Map map,
    boolean modifiable) 
 protected  void checkMapSize(Map map,
    int size) 
 protected Context createContext() 
 public  void setUp() 
    Set up instance variables required by this test case.
 public static Test suite() 
    Return the tests included in this test suite.
 public  void tearDown() 
    Tear down instance variables required by this test case.
 public  void testApplicationScope() 
 public  void testCookies() 
 public  void testEquals() 
 public  void testHeader() 
 public  void testHeaderValues() 
 public  void testInitParam() 
 public  void testParam() 
 public  void testParamValues() 
 public  void testPristine() 
 public  void testRelease() 
 public  void testRequestScope() 
 public  void testSessionScope() 
 public  void testSessionScopeWithoutSession()