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Sub Packages:

org.apache.commons.httpclient.methods.multipart   Provides Multipart support classes for the org.apache.commons.httpclient.methods.MultipartPostMethod .  


RequestEntity     code | html

Abstract Classes:

EntityEnclosingMethod   This abstract class serves as a foundation for all HTTP methods that can enclose an entity within requests  code | html

This abstract class serves as a foundation for all HTTP methods that support 'Expect: 100-continue' handshake. 

code | html


ByteArrayRequestEntity   A RequestEntity that contains an array of bytes.  code | html
DeleteMethod   Implements the HTTP DELETE method.  code | html
FileRequestEntity   A RequestEntity that represents a File.  code | html
GetMethod   Implements the HTTP GET method.  code | html
HeadMethod   Implements the HTTP HEAD method.  code | html
InputStreamRequestEntity   A RequestEntity that contains an InputStream.  code | html
MultipartPostMethod   Implements the HTTP multipart POST method.  code | html
OptionsMethod   Implements the HTTP OPTIONS method.  code | html
PostMethod   Implements the HTTP POST method.  code | html
PutMethod   Implements the HTTP PUT method.  code | html
StringRequestEntity   A RequestEntity that contains a String.  code | html
TraceMethod   Implements the HTTP TRACE method.  code | html
UrlDeleteMethod   HttpUrlMethod version of DeleteMethod.  code | html
UrlGetMethod   Implements the URL version of GetMethod.  code | html
UrlHeadMethod   HttpUrlMethod version of HeadMethod.  code | html
UrlOptionsMethod   HttpUrlMethod version of Options method.  code | html
UrlPostMethod   HttpUrlMethod version of PostMethod.  code | html
UrlPutMethod   HttpUrlMethod version of PutMethod.  code | html