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public class: MLETTask [javadoc | source]

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Load an MBean. The syntax is similar with the , with few ant-specific extensions. A separate classloader can be used, the mechanism is similar with what taskdef is using. Note that mlet will use the arguments in the constructor.
Field Summary
 String code     
 String archive     
 String codebase     
 String objectName     
 ObjectName oname     
 List args     
 List attributes     
 String loaderRef     
 MBeanServer server     
 boolean modeler     
 public MLETTask() 
Method from org.apache.commons.modeler.ant.MLETTask Summary:
addArg,   addAttribute,   bindJmx,   execute,   getMBeanServer,   getObjectName,   setArchive,   setCode,   setCodebase,   setModeler,   setName
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Method from org.apache.commons.modeler.ant.MLETTask Detail:
 public  void addArg(Arg arg) 
 public  void addAttribute(JmxSet arg) 
 protected  void bindJmx(String objectName,
    String code,
    String arg0,
    List args) throws Exception 
 public  void execute() throws BuildException 
 public MBeanServer getMBeanServer() 
 public ObjectName getObjectName() 
 public  void setArchive(String archive) 
 public  void setCode(String code) 
 public  void setCodebase(String codebase) 
 public  void setModeler(boolean modeler) 
 public  void setName(String name)