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org.apache.commons.modeler.ant: Javadoc index of package org.apache.commons.modeler.ant.

Package Samples:

org.apache.commons.modeler.ant: The Modeler component of the Jakarta Commons subproject offers convenient support for configuring and instantiating Model MBeans (management beans), as described in the JMX Specification.  


MLETTask: Load an MBean. The syntax is similar with the , with few ant-specific extensions. A separate classloader can be used, the mechanism is similar with what taskdef is using. Note that mlet will use the arguments in the constructor.
ServiceTask: Group a set of mbeans in a service, and perform actions on it.
ModelerTask: Like MLETTask, but it wraps the bean in a BaseModelMBean.
RegistryTask: Load descriptors into registry.
JmxInvoke: Set mbean properties.
JmxSet: Set mbean properties.

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