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public class: CFFFont [javadoc | source]
This class represents a CFF/Type2 Font.
Nested Class Summary:
public class  CFFFont.Mapping  This class is used for the font mapping. 
Method from org.apache.fontbox.cff.CFFFont Summary:
addValueToPrivateDict,   addValueToTopDict,   createConverter,   createRenderer,   getCharStringsDict,   getCharset,   getEncoding,   getMappings,   getName,   getPrivateDict,   getProperty,   getTopDict,   setCharset,   setEncoding,   setName,   toString
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clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from org.apache.fontbox.cff.CFFFont Detail:
 public  void addValueToPrivateDict(String name,
    Object value) 
    Adds the given key/value pair to the private dictionary.
 public  void addValueToTopDict(String name,
    Object value) 
    Adds the given key/value pair to the top dictionary.
 public CharStringConverter createConverter() 
    Creates a CharStringConverter for this font.
 public CharStringRenderer createRenderer() 
    Creates a CharStringRenderer for this font.
 public Map<String, byte> getCharStringsDict() 
    Returns the character strings dictionary.
 public CFFCharset getCharset() 
    Returns the CFFCharset of the font.
 public CFFEncoding getEncoding() 
    Returns the CFFEncoding of the font.
 public Collection<Mapping> getMappings() 
    Get the mapping (code/SID/charname/bytes) for this font.
 public String getName() 
    The name of the font.
 public Map<String, Object> getPrivateDict() 
    Returns the private dictionary.
 public Object getProperty(String name) 
    Returns the value for the given name from the dictionary.
 public Map<String, Object> getTopDict() 
    Returns the top dictionary.
 public  void setCharset(CFFCharset charset) 
    Sets the CFFCharset of the font.
 public  void setEncoding(CFFEncoding encoding) 
    Sets the CFFEncoding of the font.
 public  void setName(String name) 
    Sets the name of the font.
 public String toString()