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public class: PropertyEditors [javadoc | source]
The property editor manager. This orchestrates Geronimo usage of property editors, allowing additional search paths to be added and specific editors to be registered.
Method from org.apache.geronimo.common.propertyeditor.PropertyEditors Summary:
appendEditorSearchPath,   appendEditorSearchPath,   appendEditorSearchPath,   findEditor,   findEditor,   getEditor,   getEditorSearchPath,   registerEditor,   registerEditor,   setEditorSearchPath
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Method from org.apache.geronimo.common.propertyeditor.PropertyEditors Detail:
 public static  void appendEditorSearchPath(List newNames) 
    Append additional package names to the property editor search path.
 public static  void appendEditorSearchPath(String[] newNames) 
    Append an array of package names to the editor search path.
 public static  void appendEditorSearchPath(String newName) 
    Append a single package name to the editor search path.
 public static PropertyEditor findEditor(Class type) 
    Locate an editor for qiven class of object.
 public static PropertyEditor findEditor(String typeName,
    ClassLoader loader) throws ClassNotFoundException 
    Locate an editor for qiven class of object, resolved within the context of a specific ClassLoader instance.
 public static PropertyEditor getEditor(Class type) 
    Get a property editor for a given property type. This is like findEditor, but throws an exception if the property is not found.
 public static List getEditorSearchPath() 
    Get a list containing all of the packages in the editor search path.
 public static  void registerEditor(Class type,
    Class editorType) 
    Explicity register an editor class for a given target class.
 public static  void registerEditor(String typeName,
    String editorName) throws ClassNotFoundException 
    Explicity register a property/editor class pair by class name.
 public static  void setEditorSearchPath(List path) 
    Sets the search order used for property editor resolution.