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public class: ManagedThread [javadoc | source]

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Nested Class Summary:
public enum class  ManagedThread.TaskState   
Field Summary
protected  ThreadLifecycleListener threadLifecycleListener     
protected  long hungTaskThreshold     
protected  String taskIdentityDescription     
protected  long startTime     
protected  ManagedTask task     
protected  TaskState state     
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 public ManagedThread(Runnable runnable,
    ThreadLifecycleListener threadLifecycleListener) 
 public ManagedThread(ThreadGroup group,
    Runnable runnable,
    String name,
    ThreadLifecycleListener threadLifecycleListener) 
Method from org.apache.geronimo.concurrent.thread.ManagedThread Summary:
cancelTask,   endTask,   getHungTaskThreshold,   getRunTime,   getTaskIdentityDescription,   getTaskIdentityDescription,   getTaskIdentityName,   getTaskRunTime,   getThreadID,   getThreadLocale,   getThreadName,   isHung,   isTaskCancelled,   isTaskHung,   isTaskRunning,   run,   setHungTaskThreshold,   setState,   setThreadLifecycleListener,   start,   startTask,   updateState
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Method from org.apache.geronimo.concurrent.thread.ManagedThread Detail:
 public synchronized boolean cancelTask() 
    Cancel hung task.
 public  void endTask() 
    This function is assumed to be called on the same thread as when #startTask(Object) was first called.
 public long getHungTaskThreshold() 
 protected long getRunTime() 
 public String getTaskIdentityDescription() 
 public String getTaskIdentityDescription(String localeStr) 
 public String getTaskIdentityName() 
 public synchronized long getTaskRunTime() 
 public long getThreadID() 
 protected Locale getThreadLocale() 
 public String getThreadName() 
 protected boolean isHung() 
 public synchronized boolean isTaskCancelled() 
 public synchronized boolean isTaskHung() 
 public synchronized boolean isTaskRunning() 
 public  void run() 
 public  void setHungTaskThreshold(long hungTaskThreshold) 
 protected synchronized  void setState(TaskState newState) 
 public  void setThreadLifecycleListener(ThreadLifecycleListener threadLifecycleListener) 
 public  void start() 
 public  void startTask(ManagedTask task) 
    This function is assumed to be called on the same thread that is executing the task and after the right context is associated with the thread.
 public synchronized  void updateState()