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public class: AdminObjectWrapper [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    ResourceSource, GBeanLifecycle, DynamicGBean, JCAAdminObject

Wrapper around AdminObject that exposes its config-properties as GBeanAttributes and supplies a disconnectable proxy to bind in jndi.
 public AdminObjectWrapper(String adminObjectInterface,
    String adminObjectClass,
    ResourceAdapterWrapper resourceAdapterWrapper,
    Kernel kernel,
    AbstractName abstractName,
    String objectName,
    ClassLoader cl) throws IllegalAccessException, InstantiationException, ClassNotFoundException 
    Normal managed constructor.
    adminObjectInterface - Interface the proxy will implement.
    adminObjectClass - Class of admin object to be wrapped.
    IllegalAccessException -
    InstantiationException -
Method from org.apache.geronimo.connector.AdminObjectWrapper Summary:
$getResource,   doFail,   doStart,   doStop,   getAdminObjectClass,   getAdminObjectInterface,   getAttribute,   getConfigProperties,   getConfigProperty,   getObjectName,   invoke,   isEventProvider,   isStateManageable,   isStatisticsProvider,   setAttribute,   setConfigProperty
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Method from org.apache.geronimo.connector.AdminObjectWrapper Detail:
 public Object $getResource() 
    Returns disconnectable proxy for binding in jndi.
 public  void doFail() 
    Fails the GBean. This informs the GBean that it is about to transition to the failed state.
 public  void doStart() throws Exception 
    Starts the GBean. This informs the GBean that it is about to transition to the running state.
 public  void doStop() throws Exception 
    Stops the target. This informs the GBean that it is about to transition to the stopped state.
 public String getAdminObjectClass() 
    Returns class of wrapped AdminObject.
 public String getAdminObjectInterface() 
 public Object getAttribute(String name) throws Exception 
    Delegating DynamicGBean getAttribute method.
 public Map getConfigProperties() 
    Gets the config properties in the form of a map where the key is the property name and the value is property type (as a String not a Class).
 public Object getConfigProperty(String property) throws Exception 
 public String getObjectName() 
 public Object invoke(String name,
    Object[] arguments,
    String[] types) throws Exception 
    no-op DynamicGBean method
 public boolean isEventProvider() 
 public boolean isStateManageable() 
 public boolean isStatisticsProvider() 
 public  void setAttribute(String name,
    Object value) throws Exception 
    Delegating DynamicGBean setAttribute method.
 public  void setConfigProperty(String property,
    Object value) throws Exception