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Sub Packages:


Abstract Classes:

PooledWorkManagerTest.AbstractDummyWork     code | html


GeronimoWorkManager   WorkManager implementation which uses under the cover three WorkExecutorPool - one for each synchronization policy - in order to dispatch the submitted Work instances.  code | html
GeronimoWorkManagerGBean     code | html
PooledWorkManagerTest.DummyDoWork     code | html
PooledWorkManagerTest.DummyScheduleWork     code | html
PooledWorkManagerTest.DummyStartWork     code | html
PooledWorkManagerTest.DummyWork     code | html
PooledWorkManagerTest.DummyWorkListener     code | html
WorkerContext   Work wrapper providing an execution context to a Work instance.  code | html

All Test Cases:

PooledWorkManagerTest   Timing is crucial for this test case, which focuses on the synchronization specificities of the doWork, startWork and scheduleWork.  code | html