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abstract public class: X509NameEntryConverter [javadoc | source]

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It turns out that the number of standard ways the fields in a DN should be encoded into their ASN.1 counterparts is rapidly approaching the number of machines on the internet. By default the X509Name class will produce PrintableStrings if the field value will decode to that, next UTF8Strings if the field value will decode to that, and finally BMPStrings if 16 bit characters are required.

The way this is done is with a default encoder which is implemented as follows:

public class X509DefaultEntryConverter
    extends X509NameEntryConverter
    public DERObject getConvertedValue(
        DERObjectIdentifier  oid,
        String               value)
        if (str.length() != 0 && str.charAt(0) == '#')
            return convertHexEncoded(str, 1);
        if (oid.equals(EmailAddress))
            return new DERIA5String(str);
        else if (canBePrintable(str))
            return new DERPrintableString(str);
        else if (canBeUTF8(str))
            return new DERUTF8String(str);
            return new DERBMPString(str);




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canBePrintable,   canBeUTF8,   convertHexEncoded,   getConvertedValue
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Method from org.apache.geronimo.crypto.asn1.x509.X509NameEntryConverter Detail:
 protected boolean canBePrintable(String str) 
    return true if the passed in String can be represented without loss as a PrintableString, false otherwise.
 protected boolean canBeUTF8(String str) 
    return true if the passed in String can be represented without loss as a UTF8String, false otherwise.
 protected DERObject convertHexEncoded(String str,
    int off) throws IOException 
    Convert an inline encoded hex string rendition of an ASN.1 object back into its corresponding ASN.1 object.
 abstract public DERObject getConvertedValue(DERObjectIdentifier oid,
    String value)
    Convert the passed in String value into the appropriate ASN.1 encoded object.