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public class: ModuleIDBuilder [javadoc | source]
A utility class to flesh out any incomplete Module IDs (formerly known as config IDs) encountered during the course of a deployment. For example, an EAR may have a module ID with only an artifactId, and contain a web app with no Geronimo plan and an EJB JAR with a module ID with no version.
 public ModuleIDBuilder() 
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createDefaultArtifact,   resolve,   resolve,   setDefaultGroup,   setDefaultVersion
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Method from org.apache.geronimo.deployment.ModuleIDBuilder Detail:
 public Artifact createDefaultArtifact(String defaultArtifact,
    String defaultType) 
    Creates a new artifact using entirely default values.
 public Artifact resolve(Artifact argument,
    String defaultType) 
    Translates the argument Artifact to a fully-resolved Artifact, which is returned. If the argument was fully-resolved to begin with it is returned as is. Otherwise, a new Artifact is returned with any missing values populated.
 public  void resolve(Environment environment,
    String defaultArtifactId,
    String defaultType) 
    Guarantees that the argument Environment will have a present and fully qualified module ID when this method returns. If the Environment is missing a module ID, or has a partial module ID (isResolved() == false) then this method will fill in any missing values. If the module ID is present and resolved, then this method does nothing.
 public  void setDefaultGroup(String defaultGroup) 
    If an EAR is going to pass this module ID builder to its children, it can use this to set the default groupId to be its own.
 public  void setDefaultVersion(Version defaultVersion) 
    If an EAR is going to pass this module ID builder to its children, it can use this to set the default version to be its own.