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Sub Packages:



DynamicGBean     code | html
GBeanInfoFactory     code | html
GBeanInfoFactoryRegistry     code | html
GBeanInfoFactoryTest.GetterOnlyInterface     code | html
GBeanInfoFactoryTest.SetterOnlyInterface     code | html
GBeanLifecycle   An optional interface for a GBean.  code | html
GBeanLifecycleController   Context handle for a GBean which allows the bean to determin the current state, and to change the current state.  code | html
ReferenceCollection   An extension of collection that allows a client to register for notifications when members are added to and removed from the collection.  code | html
ReferenceCollectionListener     code | html
ReferenceMap.Key     code | html
Speed.MyInterface     code | html


AbstractName     code | html
AbstractNameQuery     code | html
BasicGBeanInfoFactory     code | html
DynamicGAttributeInfo   Describes an attibute of a GBean.  code | html
DynamicGBeanDelegate   Wraps an Object in a DynamicGBean facade.  code | html
DynamicGBeanDelegate.Operation     code | html
DynamicGOperationInfo     code | html
GAttributeInfo   Describes an attibute of a GBean.  code | html
GBeanData     code | html
GBeanData.PriorityComparator   Note: this comparator imposes orderings that are inconsistent with equals.  code | html
GBeanData.V0Externalizable     code | html
GBeanData.V1Externalizable     code | html
GBeanInfo   Describes a GBean. This class should never be constructed directly. Insted use GBeanInfoBuilder.  code | html
GBeanInfoBuilder     code | html
GBeanInfoBuilder.RefInfo     code | html
GBeanInfoFactoryException     code | html
GBeanInfoFactoryTest.MockGBean     code | html
GBeanInfoTest.MockGBean     code | html
GBeanName   Class that represents the name for a GBean.  code | html
GConstructorInfo     code | html
GNotificationInfo   Describes a notification of a GBean.  code | html
GOperationInfo   Describes an operation on a GBean.  code | html
GOperationSignature   This is a key class based on a MBean operation name and parameters.  code | html
GReferenceInfo     code | html
InvalidConfigurationException   Unchecked Exception indicating that the GBeanInfo is invalid.  code | html
MultiGBeanInfoFactory     code | html
ReferenceCollectionEvent     code | html
ReferenceMap   Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements.  code | html
ReferencePatterns     code | html
SingleElementCollection   A wrapper around a reference collection to simulate a 0..1 reference  code | html
Speed     code | html
WaitingException     code | html

All Test Cases:

GBeanInfoFactoryTest     code | html
GBeanInfoTest     code | html
GBeanNameTest     code | html