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GBeanReference     code | html
InstanceRegistry     code | html
LifecycleBroadcaster     code | html
MethodInvoker     code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractGBeanReference     code | html


FastMethodInvoker     code | html
GBeanAttribute     code | html
GBeanAttribute.DynamicGetterMethodInvoker     code | html
GBeanAttribute.DynamicSetterMethodInvoker     code | html
GBeanAttributeTest.MyLifecycleBroadcaster     code | html
GBeanCollectionReference     code | html
GBeanDependency     code | html
GBeanInstance   A GBeanInstance is a J2EE Management Managed Object, and is standard base for Geronimo services.  code | html
GBeanInstanceState     code | html
GBeanOperation     code | html
GBeanSingleReference     code | html
ProxyCollection     code | html
RawInvoker   The raw invoker provides a raw (fast) access invoke operations, get attribute values, and set attribute values on a GBean.  code | html
ReflectionMethodInvoker     code | html

All Test Cases:

GBeanAttributeTest     code | html