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public class: JVMImpl [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    StatisticsProvider, JVM

Field Summary
public static final  String JAVA_VERSION     
public static final  String JAVA_VENDOR     
public static final  String NODE     
public static final  GBeanInfo GBEAN_INFO     
 public JVMImpl(String objectName,
    Kernel kernel,
    SystemLog systemLog) 
Method from org.apache.geronimo.j2ee.management.impl.JVMImpl Summary:
getAvailableProcessors,   getGBeanInfo,   getJavaVendor,   getJavaVersion,   getKernelBootTime,   getNode,   getObjectName,   getStats,   getSystemLog,   getSystemProperties,   isEventProvider,   isStateManageable,   isStatisticsProvider,   resetStats
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Method from org.apache.geronimo.j2ee.management.impl.JVMImpl Detail:
 public int getAvailableProcessors() 
 public static GBeanInfo getGBeanInfo() 
 public String getJavaVendor() 
    The vendor of the JVMImpl we are running on. This is the value of java.vendor system property
 public String getJavaVersion() 
    The version of the JVMImpl we are running on. This is the value of java.version system property
 public Date getKernelBootTime() 
 public String getNode() 
    The node we are running on. This is the fully qualified host name returned for InetAddress.getLocalHost.toString(); we return null if there is no network
 public String getObjectName() 
 public Stats getStats() 
 public SystemLog getSystemLog() 
 public Properties getSystemProperties() 
 public boolean isEventProvider() 
 public boolean isStateManageable() 
 public boolean isStatisticsProvider() 
 public  void resetStats()