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Sub Packages:



JettyContainer     code | html
JettySecureConnector     code | html
JettyServletRegistration     code | html
JettyWebConnector   A Jetty-specific extension to the standard Geronimo web connector interface.  code | html
PreHandler     code | html
PreHandlerFactory     code | html
ServletNameSource     code | html
SessionHandlerFactory     code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractPreHandler     code | html


Host   Host gbean for jetty6 containing an array of hosts and virtual hosts  code | html
InjectionServletHandler     code | html
InternalJAASJettyRealm     code | html
InternalJettyServletHolder     code | html
InternalJettyServletHolder.StartCommand     code | html
InternalJettyServletHolder.StopCommand     code | html
JAASJettyPrincipal     code | html
JAASJettyRealm     code | html
JettyContainerImpl     code | html
JettyDefaultServletHolder     code | html
JettyEJBWebServiceContext   Delegates requests to a WebServiceContainer which is presumably for an EJB WebService.  code | html
JettyEJBWebServiceContext.RequestAdapter     code | html
JettyEJBWebServiceContext.ResponseAdapter     code | html
JettyFilterHolder     code | html
JettyFilterHolder.InternalFilterHolder     code | html
JettyFilterMapping     code | html
JettyJspServletHolder     code | html
JettyManagerImpl   Jetty implementation of WebManager.  code | html
JettyPOJOWebServiceHolder   This is intended to hold the web service stack for an axis POJO web service.  code | html
JettyServer   JettyServer extends the base Jetty Server class to prevent managing any user realm information by the web.xml realm name which is only relevant for basic and digest authentication and should not be tied to any actual information about which security realm is in use.  code | html
JettyServletHolder   This ServletHolder's sole purpose is to provide the thread's current ServletHolder for realms that are interested in the current servlet, e.g.  code | html
JettyWebAppContext   Wrapper for a WebApplicationContext that sets up its J2EE environment.  code | html
JettyWebAppContext.StartCommand     code | html
JettyWebAppContext.StopCommand     code | html
Messages   Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements.  code | html
NonAuthenticator   Authenticator that always denies, returning null.  code | html