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public class: BasicDependencyManager [javadoc | source]

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DependencyManager is the record keeper of the dependencies in Geronimo. The DependencyManager does not enforce any dependencies, it is simply a place where components can register their intent to be dependent on another component. Since a JMX Component can pretty much do whatever it wants a component must watch the components it depends on to assure that they are following the J2EE-Management state machine.

The DependencyManager uses the nomenclature of parent-child where a child is dependent on a parent. The names parent and child have no other meaning are just a convience to make the code readable.

 public BasicDependencyManager(LifecycleMonitor lifecycleMonitor) throws Exception 
Method from org.apache.geronimo.kernel.basic.BasicDependencyManager Summary:
addDependencies,   addDependency,   close,   getChildren,   getParents,   removeAllDependencies,   removeDependency
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Method from org.apache.geronimo.kernel.basic.BasicDependencyManager Detail:
 public synchronized  void addDependencies(AbstractName child,
    Set parents) 
    Adds dependencies from the child to every parent in the parents set
 public synchronized  void addDependency(AbstractName child,
    AbstractName parent) 
    Declares a dependency from a child to a parent.
 public synchronized  void close() 
 public synchronized Set getChildren(AbstractName parent) 
    Gets all of the MBeans that have a dependency on the specified startParent.
 public synchronized Set getParents(AbstractName child) 
    Gets the set of parents that the child is depending on
 public synchronized  void removeAllDependencies(AbstractName child) 
    Removes all dependencies for a child
 public synchronized  void removeDependency(AbstractName child,
    AbstractName parent) 
    Removes a dependency from a child to a parent