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ProxyInvoker     code | html


BasicDependencyManager   DependencyManager is the record keeper of the dependencies in Geronimo.  code | html
BasicDependencyManager.DependencyManagerLifecycleListener     code | html
BasicKernel   The core of a Geronimo instance.  code | html
BasicKernelFactory     code | html
BasicLifecycleMonitor     code | html
BasicLifecycleMonitor.RawLifecycleBroadcaster     code | html
BasicLifecycleMonitor.SourceInfo     code | html
BasicProxyManager   Creates proxies that communicate directly with a Kernel located in the same JVM as the client.  code | html
BasicProxyManager.ManagedProxyFactory     code | html
BasicProxyMap   Streamlined version of a WeakIdentityHashMap.  code | html
BasicProxyMap.ReferenceEntry   Each entry in the Map is represented with a ReferenceEntry.  code | html
BasicRegistry     code | html
KernelGetAttributeInvoker     code | html
KernelOperationInvoker     code | html
KernelSetAttributeInvoker     code | html
LifecycleMonitorFlyweight     code | html
ProxyMethodInterceptor     code | html
ProxyMethodInterceptor.EqualsInvoke     code | html
ProxyMethodInterceptor.GetObjectNameInvoke     code | html
ProxyMethodInterceptor.GetStartTimeInvoke     code | html
ProxyMethodInterceptor.GetStateInstanceInvoke     code | html
ProxyMethodInterceptor.GetStateInvoke     code | html
ProxyMethodInterceptor.HashCodeInvoke     code | html
ProxyMethodInterceptor.StartInvoke     code | html
ProxyMethodInterceptor.StartRecursiveInvoke     code | html
ProxyMethodInterceptor.StopInvoke     code | html
ProxyMethodInterceptor.ToStringInvoke     code | html
RawGetAttributeInvoker     code | html
RawOperationInvoker     code | html
RawSetAttributeInvoker     code | html