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ResourceFinder   Abstraction of resource searching policy.  code | html
ResourceHandle   This is a handle (a connection) to some resource, which may be a class, native library, text file, image, etc.  code | html
ResourceLocation   This is a location which is searched by  code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractResourceHandle     code | html
AbstractUrlResourceLocation     code | html


DirectoryResourceHandle     code | html
DirectoryResourceLocation     code | html
IoUtil     code | html
IoUtil.EmptyInputStream     code | html
JarFileClassLoader   The JarFileClassLoader that loads classes and resources from a list of JarFiles.  code | html
JarFileUrlConnection     code | html
JarFileUrlStreamHandler     code | html
JarResourceHandle     code | html
JarResourceLocation     code | html
JarResourceLocation.JarEntryResourceHandle     code | html
ResourceEnumeration     code | html
TemporaryClassLoader   ClassLoader implementation that allows classes to be temporarily loaded and then thrown away.  code | html
TemporaryClassLoader.IsAnnotationVisitor     code | html
UnionEnumeration     code | html
UrlResourceFinder     code | html